Initial Idea

posted Jan 21, 2013, 12:04 PM by Bill Bai


Saw your post over at /r/electronics and I really appreciate the fact you're offering a free service that others would charge hundreds, even thousands for!

I don't have a circuit board to design, nor do I have to do a project for school or work. However, please hear me out.

Recently I started working in an university lab, and as part of their prototyping machines, they have a laser cutter. I googled one day what a cool project with a laser cutter is, and I came up with this:

I'm really interested in building one of these, as a gift for my uncle who recently moved to a new house. He loves these gadgets sort of things, and I think it would make a good housewarming. This would give me a chance to learn how to make more things too - all the hobby electronics work I've done so far is build a Nixie clock (not mine, mine's sitting in Canada while I'm in Asia for this internship).

On the bottom of the second link, the guy said he will send all schematics & his own PCB layout. However, he does note that there are several errors in his layout and schematic. This is where I have trouble.

I contacted the guy and got PCB & schematics files, and uploaded it to my dropbox:

What I would like to ask you is, if it is possible that you could "debug" this layout, so to speak? I've asked James for where the faults are, but he says he can't exactly remember anymore.

If you'd be willing to do this, I would be so grateful. Please let me know if I can repay you in any way!!

Thanks, anthony81212

P.S. Sorry, forgot to comment about the copyright issue.

I do not believe that James Bastow has placed any copyrights on his work, and he seems to be really willing to release it for free on his wiki site (link above). It took a simple email to him for him to give me the source files for his PCB / schematic / case layout.

However, if it is possible that you can help me debug this PCB, I will reach out to him and ask if he is okay with it.