Initial Idea

posted Jan 21, 2013, 3:40 PM by Bill Bai

Included below are the schematic and my progress so far on the board, about half done.
My current project/request is a mashup of the pic mini-web (ENCJ60+PIC 18F45J10) and an RF transceiver based on the MRF49XA. In short it's a combination of two well documents circuits which can be found at the following links:
I have combined the two schematics in Eagle, but have not completed the actual layout yet. The Eagle files can be downloaded from here:
Major caveat: I would like the entire board to be single sided so that I can fabricate it at home using the single sided presensitized MG Chemicals boards I have. Also I intend to use all surface mount components except for the ENCJ60 which will be a DIP to make things easier as a single sided board. Also, the layout of the transmitter portion was done as a two sided board and needs to be converted to a single sided board.