Reddit: PCB Design Service

The Rules:
  1. You get what you pay for. I'm doing this for fun, so don't expect anything spectacular.
  2. The resultant schematic/PCB/etc. will be Creative Commons - Attribution - ShareAlike. (Assuming I can do this, I am not a lawyer)
  3. This is not intended for commercial purposes. If it is, go hire a professional.
  4. I am willing to help with school projects, but only if the main assignment is NOT the design of the PCB. Plus, you need to be super clear to your instructor that you got a lot of help.
  5. I'm doing this for fun.
Submission Guidelines:
Here are some guidelines for what you should give me for your project.
  • Detailed schematic
    • All parts labelled with model/part #
    • All parts with correct values (resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc)
  • Through Hole or Surface Mount Technology (I'll pick whatever I feel like doing if you don't specify)
  • Physical size constraints (I'll try to make it as small and neat as possible if not specified)
  • Minimize the number of "oddball" parts with non-standard footprints (I'm willing to do one or two custom parts per project, but not if every chip has a non-standard layout)
Please note that you are responsible for the circuit design. If you do something obviously wrong, I might try to fix it, but only if I'm 100% sure. Otherwise, you'll just have to fix the board when you get it.

Design Guidelines:
Here are the general PCB design guidelines I will be following when creating the PCB. I will modify as necessary.
  • 10mil trace
  • 10mil space
  • 25mil drill
  • 1, 2 or 4 layer board
  • 0.062" thick, 1oz Copper, FR4 material