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4. Fabricating the Arms

posted Feb 13, 2010, 5:00 PM by Bill Bai   [ updated Feb 14, 2010, 7:15 PM ]
Putting the arms together was fairly simple and straightforward.  After I decided how long I wanted to make each arm I used the Loc-Line Pliers to put them together. 

The base end is a 1/8"-27 NPT Connector that will screw into a grid of tapped holes in the base board.  The 'hand' end is a straight nozzle that has been tapped to allow the attachment of a threaded banana jack.

Loc-Line Pliers

Here's a video of me tapping the end of the Loc-Line nozzle.  I originally used pliers to hold the other end of the nozzle while I tapped it, but I realized that the pliers were biting into the plastic too much and messing up the socket joint on the nozzle.  So I switched to using tape to keep the nozzle from rotating. (Still have two messed up nozzles that dont stay on as well as they should though. =/ )

Tapping the Nozzle