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3a. Drilling and Tapping

posted Feb 15, 2010, 9:31 PM by Bill Bai   [ updated Feb 16, 2010, 8:57 AM ]
I managed to bring my base board into the ECET Projects lab.  They have a few very convenient drill presses there and ever so handy 3/8" drill bits that I was fortunate enough to borrow for a bit.

It was pretty straightforward to use the drill press to drill nice neat holes.  I was actually surprised at how soft polypropylene is under a drill.  I was even more surprised that it held up to the heat generated from friction.  In my past experience with plastics and Dremels, plastic is very hard until it melts from heat and there's a huge mess.  Granted, the drill press is a lot slower than the Dremel, but there's still plenty of heat and material to move through.

I started washing off my Sharpie grid with a convenient bottle of alcohol in the lab when I realized that I needed to peel off all the tape strips I had put on.

It is surprisingly difficult to peel Scotch tape in one piece.

Everything all clean and nice.  The drill press couldn't reach the middle hole so I decided to forgo it.

Isometric view!

3/8" exactly.  Yeah.  I'm just THAT good. =D

1/8"-27 NPT Tap.  Time to do work.

Tapping the Base Board

Tappin' that hole!

Perfect fit. 

Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.