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posted Oct 31, 2010, 9:33 PM by Bill Bai
(EAGLE schematic view)

EAGLE CAD is a computer aided design program that is used to create PCB designs from schematics.  I have previously used the propriety PCB Artist from Advanced Circuits, but EAGLE is more in line with industry standards for PCB manufacturing.  The main reason for my switching to EAGLE is so I can use BatchPCB, a service started by Sparkfun that allows hobby PCB designers to get cheap PCBs.  The cost at BatchPCB is $2.50/square inch + $10 handling + ~$5 shipping.  The cost of a board from Advanced Circuits is $33/board with a maximum of 60 square inches + ~$15 shipping and handling.  So any boards smaller than 13.2 square inches will be cheaper to get from BatchPCB.  

Furthermore, Advanced Circuits just recently announced that they will also support the industry standard Gerber files output by EAGLE and other PCB design programs in addition to their proprietary PCB Artist.  So it just makes sense to use the much more versatile EAGLE and be able to buy PCBs from multiple sources.

(EAGLE PCB view)